Spring Training

Spring Training

April 29, 2019

Arizona is the spring training home for 15 of MLB’s teams, giving baseball fans access to their favorite pros in a more intimate setting. It’s no wonder then that Phoenix gets an influx of almost two million visitors every year to watch the Cactus League Spring Training. This concentrated baseball dose spread over 10 stadiums is the ultimate experience for any MLB fan.

Spring Training in Arizona As Old as the Baseball

The spring training Arizona tradition has been around since 1947. It is a well-established annual event that hundreds of thousands of baseball fans mark on their calendar. It’s an event that marks the end of the cold winter where the Arizona sun greets you in a warm embrace. And just because it’s training doesn’t mean that the action won’t be intense. This is the one place where you get to meet your favorite stars both active and retired and experience the ballpark as you have never seen it before. For almost five weeks every year, half the MLB teams descend on Arizona to wow the fans and enrich the sport.

Entertainment Beyond the Stadiums

And who said the entertainment ends when the game is over? Arizona has a lot to offer fun-hungry sports fan. Head north to enjoy the ponderosa pine forests and Native American culture, or you can go south to experience the Old West with the charming small towns and genuine cuisines. To the east, there are mountain towns, calm and detached, yet welcoming, and to the west there’s Lake Havasu with all the water sports you can handle. But if you feel like sticking around the city, there’s plenty of fine dining, shopping, urban hiking trails, and music concerts to fill your evenings with fun and entertainment.

2020 Cactus League Spring Training

February 21 – March 24
There is nothing as magical as spring training for true baseball fans! We are very lucky to have the MLB Cactus League right here in the valley and our favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, just twelve minutes away from our office.
Lucky for you, Parsons Villas has the season ticket hookup! Whether you’re a guest or a local, tickets are available for purchase through our office. Spring Training is a big deal here in the valley, so if you’re interested in experiencing the fanfare, give us a call at 480.781.0717

Spring Training is the annual event where MLB pilgrims emerge from the cold winter to bask in the warm glory of 15 teams duking it out in the great state of Arizona.

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