The Angler’s Journey for Amazing Fishing in Scottsdale

The Angler’s Journey for Amazing Fishing in Scottsdale

July 4, 2022

When you think of Scottsdale, you think of the desert and towering Saguaro cactus, and not necessarily about fishing. But the Scottsdale area has beautiful lakes nestled in between the desert and mountains and rivers threading down through the mountains, all brimming with great fishing opportunities. Sometimes you will want to fish alone, and sometimes it’s good to get some help by hiring a fishing guide, especially if you aren’t familiar with the area. If you want to fish while you’re in the Scottsdale area, here are some ideas, including guided fishing in Scottsdale. Just decide how you want to fish, what kind of fish to hunt, then pick your angling adventure.

Day 1 – Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is about 30 minutes away from downtown Scottsdale, and this beautiful lake with its crystal-clear waters is the state’s premier bass fishery and is loaded with both largemouth bass and striped bass. Lake Pleasant has been called the Southwest’s best place to fly fish for stripers and largemouth. If you don’t fly fish, don’t worry; the fishing is still great, no matter how you do it. Plus, the surrounding desert and mountains offer up some great outdoor spots for hiking. Rent a boat, kayak, or paddleboard and fish the lake on your own. This is a great spot to do your own thing.

Day 2 – Sonoran Bass Adventure

With The Hook Up Outfitters’ Sonoran Bass Adventure, all the details will be taken care of, and all you have to do is worry about landing your fish. Fish the clear waters of a local lake on a tournament-rigged bass boat. Their guides will select a lake for your adventure based on where the fish are biting and your experience level. This tour is great for groups and families who are out to have a fun fishing adventure.

The Hookup Outfitters

Day 3 – Big Water Bass on the Fly

Ready for some fly fishing excitement? This is the fishing tour for you. Fish Lake Pleasant or Saguaro Lake, wherever the best fishing in Scottsdale is to be found. Largemouth and white bass abound in Lake Pleasant, while largemouth, smallmouth, yellow bass and bluegill can be caught in Saguaro Lake. Experienced fly angler or not, this fly fishing trip will be one to remember.

Day 4 – Hooked-Up Striper Charter

Another popular fishing tour for families, groups, and those anglers who just want to have fun while fishing, the Hooked-Up Striper Charter focuses on the striped bass. This bass is at the top of the fish food chain in Arizona. Gathering in large schools while hunting for bait fish, they are constantly on the move. Once you find the school, you can catch them as fast as you can reel them in. Stripers are great eating, too!

Day 5 – Trophy Bass Fishing in Scottsdale

Sometimes you just get serious. The Trophy Bass Fishing Tour is designed for that serious angler searching for their latest trophy fish. If quality means more than quantity, this is the trip for you. Your guides will have their boat outfitted with special gear meant for hooking and landing those larger fish. If you’re ready to try for the trophy bass of your dreams and enjoy amazing fishing in Scottsdale, give The Arizona Fishing Guides a call and book this fishing adventure.

Day 6 – Carp on the Fly

Carp are one of the largest freshwater fish and are challenging to catch at best, especially on a fly rod. This carp trip will work for both the experienced fly fisherman and the novice. Carp on the Fly is a sight fishing adventure on local area lakes. Imagine getting a 3-foot carp to take your fly and then landing it. Carp fishing can be exhilarating, and you’ll enjoy every minute.

Day 7 – Chaparral Lake

Chaparral Lake is in west Scottsdale in Chaparral Park, a perfect spot for a quick fishing get-away. The 10-acre lake is stocked by AZ Game & Fish twice a month throughout the year. From October to March, the lake is stocked with trout, and from April to July and in September and October, the lake is stocked with catfish. Sunfish are also periodically stocked throughout the year. Fish from the pier or rent a boat, kayak or canoe. It’s a great spot for some quick fishing in Scottsdale on your own without having to travel.

Chaparral Park
5401 North Hayden Road
Scottsdale, AZ

Day 8 – Saguaro Lake

Rugged cliffs surround Saguaro Lake and tower over you as you fish the lake, searching for that trophy largemouth. About 45 minutes east of Scottsdale, and with over 20 miles of shoreline, the lake is the perfect place for a day of boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding, not to mention swimming, jet skiing and pretty much any water activity. And there’s great fishing too. The lake is a popular fishing spot year-round, known for its largemouth bass, but you can also land rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, crappie, and sunfish.
The Saguaro Lake Marina has everything you’ll need for a day on the water, plus restrooms, boat ramps(bring your own or rent one), a gas station, picnic tables and a restaurant. The marina is in Mesa, a short trip (about 20 minutes) from Scottsdale.
Saguaro Lake Marina
14011N. Bush Highway
Mesa, AZ 85215

Day 9 – Nighttime Fishing

If you haven’t tried night time fishing before, you should. It’s a totally different experience. You fish using sonaror light (the light attracts bugs and baitfish which will attract the fish you are after), and a lighter, more sensitive rod and line since you’ll be relying on the feel of the line and bait rather than seeing the line or bait move. Try fishing at night on your own or book a Reel’em In Adventures’ Nighttime Striper Bass fishing charter. Fish the calm and quiet of Lake Pleasant from the comfort of a pontoon boat. You’ll arrive in time to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the lake before you start your hunt for your striper. Reel’em In Adventures also offers a full day of guided striper bass fishing too if you’d rather keep your nights free for sleeping and do your hunting for that trophy striper bass during the day.
Reel’em In Adventures
24th Street and Camelback
Biltmore, AZ

Hang Up Your Gear and Relax with Parsons

Once you have fished the area lakes dry, take your haul down to one of the many beautiful villas offered by Parsons Villas! Our rentals are spacious and feature luxury amenities, including high-end kitchen equipment for managing all the fish you will catch! When you rent one of our villas with an outdoor grill on the back patio, you can grill your catch of the day out in the lovely desert air and enjoy the mountain scenery at the same time. Nothing beats a freshly caught wild trout when it’s been cooked over an open fire.

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