Tom’s Thumb Trail

Tom’s Thumb Trail

April 29, 2019

Welcome To Tom’s Thumb Trail

Scottsdale is a bustling oasis in the desert. There are so many reason tourists like to visit this beautiful city, but for hikers, there’s a very good reason to go there. It’s called Tom’s Thumb Trail. Named after a local rock climber, Tom Kreuser, this famous trail near Scottsdale got hikers’ attention because it’s heavily trafficked, has great rock formations, and has an unusually smooth surface. The 4-miles long trail is one of the oldest trails on the north side of the McDowell Mountains. It is the setting for beautiful wild flowers, offers several activities, and you can even take your dog with you. Just remember to keep your dog leashed.

Before You Start

Tom’s Thumb Trail doesn’t have water. So make sure you stock on water as you climb this trail. It’s also a great idea if you know how to stay cool in Scottsdale as well. For an average person bring 2-3 liters of water with you. You’ll take a few breaks during your climb, especially during the middle part and without water, you risk dehydration and seeing stars. If you’re bringing your dog, bring water rations for them too, and make sure they are leashed.

Moderate Trail

As on the greatest hikes this side of Arizona, you can access Tom’s Thumb Trailhead from the trailhead off North 128th Street. Take your time there to get enough information and food from the several kiosks and restaurants there. Make sure you get an idea of the geology, flora, and fauna of the trail before you start. The first part of the trail is rather moderate. You’ll see some desert flora ranging from ancient saguaros to yellow-tinted cholla. But halfway through the first mile, the ground starts to rise sharply. It’s a rather steep climb that will take you to the ridge line. Make sure you take a break every now and then and hydrate.

Getting to the Top

As you continue your hike pay attention to the traffic. You’ll meet blind corners and mountain bikers coming down at top speed. So make sure you use your ears to pick the whirring sound of the bike to alert you beforehand.The last part of the trail turns into an easy hike once you’ve reached the ridge. Weave your way between huge boulders and pay attention to the road signs in order not to lose your way. Once you’ve reached the top of the trail you’ll be met by the sight of mountain climbers using conventional climbing gear in the fashion of Tom Kreuser himself. Now you can find a scenic view and use it as a backdrop to enjoy a well-deserved snack and rest. Tom Thumb’s Trailhead is a 1.4 billion years old route through boulders, desert flora, and fauna, and leads to great scenic views. Call us today to book a vacation rental in Scottsdale.
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