Ultimate Art and Culture Tours

Ultimate Art and Culture Tours

April 29, 2019

Make sure you discover Scottsdale and Phoenix during your upcoming trip to Arizona with Ultimate Art and Culture Tours. This local business has been showing locals and tourists alike the best things to do in Phoenix around the area for over 20 years and is ready to show you the vast culture in Arizona. Ultimate Art and Culture Tours is a one-woman show led by local legend Ace Bailey who has immersed herself in the art scene in Scottsdale. Ace offers a variety of tours that will showcase some of the best artistic and cultural expressions in the city. Here is what can you find with one of her art and culture tours:

Scottsdale Trolley Tours

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, Ace provides a free downtown cultural trolley tour held in Scottsdale. You will be shown the historic Old Adobe Mission, a cultural staple in the city, before you are given a one hour tour of the Scottsdale Arts District, Hotel Valley Ho, and shown the SouthBridge and Waterfront. The Scottsdale Trolley Tours are a popular attraction with reservations in advance required.

Magical History Tour

Get an even more in-depth look at Hotel Valley Ho, an architectural marvel that is well known for its design and ground. You will be given a tour of the building and educated on the famous Hollywood guests that have frequented the hotel to hideaway from the spotlight. This true landmark of Scottsdale is a beauty to behold in person with the Magical History Tour that is available every Tuesday and Saturday or by special appointment at $19.56 per person.

Private Tours and Corporate Events

If you wish for a more private tour of  things to do in Phoenix and Scottsdale’s art and culture, make sure to explore the private tour packages available. You will be given more freedom to pick what you would like to see, including a more in-depth look in the city’s architecture.

Finding Ultimate Art and Culture Tours

If you are ready to dive in Scottsdale’s vast art and culture scene, make sure to book your next tour day. You can call or text Ace at 602-826-3155 or email her at ace@ultimatearttours.com. You will not find a grander tour than with Ultimate Art and Culture Tours.

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