Vacation Rental Investment and Management

Scottsdale is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. A desert paradise within the United States, it has a year-round demand for weekly and monthly vacation rentals, while most vacation destinations have five- to seven-month seasons. Renting a vacation home is the strongest growing trend in the global vacation industry. When managed and marketed by Parsons Villas, the outstanding monthly income generated by Scottsdale vacation rentals will make this a one-of-a-kind financial opportunity.

Based on our decades of managing Scottsdale area real estate to be used as vacation rentals, Parsons Villas can help you determine the potential performance of properties you are interested in when professionally managed as vacation rentals. Once you purchase a property, we will work to assure your ease of ownership by offering personalized service, all of which is drawn from our areas of expertise.

Parsons Villas takes a unique approach in our preparedness. While we focus on vacation rental management and marketing, our family-owned and -operated business has worked in every aspect of real estate, giving a wide variety of skills to work with in managing your property.

In the ever-changing field of the vacation rental industry, it is now more important than ever to get expert guidance from local Scottsdale real estate and property management professionals. Be sure to contact us at Parsons directly to discuss how we can join forces to assist you with real estate and vacation rental property management services. We have identified the two most critical variables in maximizing investment and will use this knowledge to help optimize your rental property’s income when you entrust it to us!

Researching Your Vacation Rental Investment

Parsons Villas has over 50+ years of property management and acquisitions, turning weekly and monthly vacation rental properties into profit centers for our clients through our proven comprehensive vacation rental management program. Once based in Chicago, we have since focused our efforts to the Scottsdale area, helping our knowledge translate into a profit for you!

We have actual capitalization rates from comparable properties we have managed long-term, so you can determine real net returns versus the purchase price of your vacation rental. We can offer an objective perspective on vacation rental ownership and management based on in-depth experience. We know that not all Scottsdale properties make good vacation rentals.

Based on data pulled from vacation rentals in our inventory, we can provide accurate income projections for both weekly and monthly rentals. When managed with our proven, locally-based program using our proprietary vacation rental management software, there are few financial opportunities where you can realize a great return on investment by owning a piece of architectural history and at the same time creating a wonderful desert retreat for friends and family.

Types of Scottsdale Rental Investment Properties

There are two distinctly different types of Scottsdale vacation rentals: weekly rentals (or transient rentals), which can be rented for a week or less, and monthly rentals, which require a minimum 30-day occupancy. These differences have a direct impact on rental income and ROI. It is important for anyone investing in Scottsdale vacation rentals to understand the different licensing rules, restrictions, and how city, county, and state departments regulate each differently. Parsons Villas has a long history of managing both of these types of vacation rentals and has an excellent working relationship with governing agencies.

Transient Rentals as an Investment

Scottsdale transient rentals, most often referred to as weekly rentals, hold a special City of Scottsdale transient license which allows these properties to be rented weekly or nightly, in a way similar to a hotel. Scottsdale transient rentals must also have a Maricopa County business license and tourist tax number, and a State of Arizona sales tax certificate. The City of Scottsdale is not issuing any more transient rental licenses, giving properties that hold this license a higher value. Through regulation, Scottsdale has eliminated the possibility of a constant growing inventory of short-term vacation rentals found in other vacation areas, making them even more valuable.

Most of the weekly rentals are located closer to popular tourist areas, where visitors to Arizona would typically want to stay for a short vacation. Scottsdale transient rentals are in demand all year round, and ownership promises an impressive, immediate return on investment. These properties command increasing rental rates more in-line with hotels, along with appreciating Scottsdale real estate values. The outstanding cash-flow generated by weekly rentals, when managed by Parsons Villas, make this a unique investment opportunity. We will help you learn what to project for rate of ROI with a vacation rental that has a transient license.

Monthly Rentals as an Investment

Scottsdale monthly vacation rentals must be rented for at least a month and no more than six. The demand for monthly rentals is high throughout the year, not just in the high season winter months. Scottsdale is all about location, and monthly rentals offer an excellent investment performance and strong appreciation in value.

Many monthly rentals are located in quieter Scottsdale residential neighborhoods. Monthly vacation rentals are required to have a Maricopa County business license, tourist tax number, and a State of Arizona sales tax certificate. City of Scottsdale Code Compliance Department forbids and enforces renting monthly rentals for less than 30 days.

Absentee ownership of a monthly vacation rental can provide part-time Scottsdale residents the opportunity to use their rental income to offset the cost of property ownership. Monthly rental properties established in our exclusive inventory of homes provide a proven cash flow and can provide a great ROI for the amount of risk, and then provide a retirement home of your dreams.

Since inception, Parsons Villas has maintained an almost 100% retention rate for both customers and properties, continuing to manage properties even when they eventually sell to new owners. When it comes time to sell your vacation rental investment, we can step in and help maximize the return on the sale of your property.

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