Taste It Tours

Taste It Tours

September 18, 2019

When visiting Scottsdale, Arizona you might be overwhelmed with the variety of restaurants available in the city. Scottsdale is known as the “foodies” city in the Valley, and for good reason. Several award-winning chefs have relocated to Scottsdale and opened up incredible restaurants that must be enjoyed during your stay. Visiting so many places in one trip can be difficult unless you spend time with Taste It Tours. Here is what to expect with Taste It Tours:

Variety of Food Tours

Taste It Tours makes sure you find the best food in Scottsdale during your stay.  The Scottsdale Trolley Food Tour lets you explore neighborhoods of Old Town Scottsdale on the unique Scottsdale Trolley, a free service offered by the city. This walking tour offers some reprieve in which you can ride around to different areas where you will then walk to each destination. This popular tour includes stops at Barrio Queen, Craft 64, Tap & Bowl, and more. This tour starts at $65 per person and is available 5 days a week. The Old Town Scottsdale Evening Food Tour takes you around a little later in the evening at 6:30 PM. Stops include the ever popular Cornish Pasty, Los Olivos Mexican Patio, and more. This tour also starts at $70 per person. Last but not least, you can book your own private food tour when you have 8 or more people in your group. This is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy being with friends around incredible food.

Branch Out

Taste It Tours not only serves the Scottsdale area but also downtown Phoenix and Gilbert. These nearby cities in the Phoenix Valley also feature incredible restaurants if you are up for a little further of a drive.

Setting Up Your Tours

Restaurant tours are all the rage in Scottsdale now, so make sure to experience a great time with Taste It Tours. Book your next tour by calling 480-274-3569. Your reservations will tell you where to meet the rest of the group prior to your time on the tour. Start exploring Scottsdale food today!

Scottsdale Tasting Right

The delicious food in Scottsdale is just one of the many incredible parts of this Arizona city. Luxury villas from Parsons Villas will keep you close to all the incredible attractions in the city, including Taste It Tours. Contact our vacation experts today and see how we can make your next trip to Scottsdale an amazing experience. Check out our Flipkey rentals in Scottsdale.

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