Taliesin West

Taliesin West

April 29, 2019

There may be no architect whose work is more revered or recognizable as the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright. Mr. Wright was the father of organic architecture, a philosophy which asserted that structures had to be in harmony with their environment. Although he was a Chicagoan for most of his life, circumstances eventually led him to build a getaway in Scottsdale known as Taliesin West. Today, the home has been turned into a school of architecture and a popular tourist attraction.

The expansive home is nestled in the McDowell Mountains. It served not only as a winter home for Mr. Wright, but also as a laboratory of architecture. Guided tours of the property are available, and each of the five tours has a different theme. No matter which one you chose, you are sure to learn a lot about design and the rich history of Taliesin West.

Insights Tour

Visit the private quarters of the famous architect himself and have a look at the drafting studio where he worked his magic. In addition to his designs, Mr. Wright was also a writer and a lover of music. Taliesin Arizona houses a music pavilion and a cabaret.

The Night Lights Tour

Mr. Wright’s brilliant designs never looked more beautiful than they do at night. Visitors are sure to love the home’s interior, where large windows and sloping glass ceilings allow visitors a fabulous view of the desert sky. You will also meet his fire-breathing dragon statue. Bring a date, but not the kiddies; children under 13 are not welcome on this tour.

Behind the Scenes

Enjoy tea and snacks on this thorough tour where you will not only see the living quarters and working area of Taliesin Arizona, but a unique desert site. You will want to bring your walking shoes for this tour, as it goes on for three hours.

Details Tour

This tour gives those with an interest in architecture a more comprehensive view of Taliesin West. Your guide will answer every question you might have about each room and give you plenty of time to explore and take photos.

Junior Architects Tour

If your house runneth over with Legos ,this is the tour for you and your little Lego architect. Your guide will tell you all about Mr. Wright’s colorful imagination and the inception of his desert home.


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